About the Artist

Rick Dubov at a recent art showing.

Rick Dubov is a native Los Angeleno whose passion for the art world began in high school where he discovered a love for painting and drawing of the human figure with an intensity that was matched only by his fervor for the Post Impressionists.

Later studies at university saw a shift in emphasis to Modern Art. Dubov received a BA in Art History and an MFA from UC-Irvine—where being in the art department was the “right place at the right time” in those days. It was Dubov’s great fortune to have studied with some of the brightest lights from the New York and Los Angeles art worlds. His Art History mentors included famed New York art critic and author, Barbara Rose, and Phillip Leider, the former editor of ARTFORUM.

During his MFA program, Dubov had the good fortune of studying alongside several noteworthy artists from both the East and West coasts; namely, New York painters William Conlon—a protégé of Al Held—and Edward Avedisian, a contemporary of Frank Stella. His teachers from Los Angeles were artists Robert Irwin, Ed Moses, and Craig Kauffman.

Site Artist, Rick Dubov

After his unforgettable experiences at university, Dubov lived and worked in New York City, Paris and Milan. It was especially during his extended stays in Europe where he spent a great deal of time in scrutiny and personal reflection of the many great masterworks from the Classical past as well as the Modern era.

Dubov is currently working on a series he began in 2014 which (he notes) embodies “a movement in space and time between remote antiquity, the classical past and the modern present.” The work derives from the “whole cloth of my imagination,” and within it unfolds a vast narrative, leaving ample room for viewers to supply stories from their own imaginations. As such, the series promises to reflect “endless possibilities.”

Rick Dubov is available for prints, commissioning, art consulting, and instruction. Contact him through the Contact Us page, or Email (

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